It's very rewarding when you're given complete creative freedom to contribute to a good cause with your work. This is a project I did for Klodenvår, an annual climate change and climate policy conference that takes place in Oslo, Norway. I was asked by Studio Industries to make a series of bumpers that run before speakers present on stage. They are used to capture the audience's attention and to signal a change in topic at the conference. 

They gave me complete freedom to artistically express myself, as long as the bumpers were related to the conference topics. The speakers at Klodenvår 2016 talked about topics ranging from the state of ocean pollution to building solutions that resembled a sci-fi-esque future. Whole project was finished within one single week using different techniques and heavily relying on octane power. 3D sculpting, hair simulation, houdini ocean toolkit, 3D scans and lots of modeling.

Sound design: Samuel Jurkovic

Conference photographs by Nils Fredrik Wisløff-Høgestøl