3D artist - Man vs Machine, London, UK.

CG lead - Future Deluxe, London, UK

3D artist - Onesal, Tokyo, Japan

Experimental/CG lead - Birdman, Tokyo, Japan

3D artist - Aixsponza, Munich, Germany

3D artist - Hide the Zebra, Copenhagen, Denmark

Motion Design - STRV, Prague

Motion design/freelance - Agencies around Prague, CZ

Czech-born Ondrej Zunka is recognised for his it-looks-real-but-it-can’t-be 3D animations. Self-taught, Zunka began experimenting with digital art out of disillusion with the Master of Economy and System Engineering degree he graduated with. He refined his technical skills by working with various esteemed studios around the world on commercial projects for clients such as Nike and Apple. Determined to continue exploring the art of abstract photorealistic animation with a neverending ambition of mastery, Zunka is driven by the same curiosity and desire to learn that helped launch his career. Interested in the notion of reality and the foreshadowed consequences of artificial intelligence, Zunka presents a playful yet subtly sinister feeling in his works. An underlying wish for people to approach the possibilities of the future with a little skepticism and a willingness to question "truths" they believe in also inspire his work. He currently lives and works in London.