Ondrej Zunka

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US representation: Cartelandco.co


Recognized for his imaginative 3D animations, Ondrej began experimenting with design and digital art out of disillusion with the Master of Economy and System Engineering degree he graduated with. After working with various esteemed design studios around the world, he's now running his own design practice based in London as a Director and a 3D artist. He has worked on projects for brands including Nike, Jordan, Puma, Apple, Burberry, MTV, Wacom and Prada.


3D artist - Man vs Machine, London, UK.

CG lead - Future Deluxe, London, UK.

3D artist - Onesal, Tokyo, Japan.

Experimental/CG lead - Birdman, Tokyo, Japan.

3D artist - Aixsponza, Munich, Germany.

3D artist - Hide the Zebra, Copenhagen, Denmark.

Motion Design - STRV, Prague, CZ.